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Microsoft office 20 16 is the ultimate software with the latest productivity and modern features from Microsoft Corporation. MS Office 2016, unlike its predecessors 2007, 2011, and 2013, got interesting features like co-authoring as it allows more than 2 people to work on it at the same time. They don’t need to worry about the device gap– they can work on the same documents at the same time. Further, you can watch someone work who has access to your computer recently for his personal work. Besides, it is the interesting feature of the MS office that it stores all your business data such as photos, dragoowings, videos etc. However, your data will go along with you at any place.

Another feature of the office 16 is triage feature included in Outlook. This cluster feature observes how your emails are arranged and then rearrange it robotically. Moreover, it will give you a summary of the day and reminder about the important task so that you may not miss any task in your day. You can also attach your recent documents when you further move on. Independently, you can also share your files via OneDrive with your recipients.

Along with the interesting feature of a word processor, Microsoft office 2016 has other supporting applications like MS Excel, PowerPoint, outlook helps you to access charts and all sheets with a single mouse click. Excel, on behalf of your present work, also predict the future tendencies. All is because of the exponential smoothening algorithm to give you more reliable predictions. Further, you can also identify and analyze data structure with the help of charts like Pareto, Whisker, Tree-map etc.

Moreover, it is the multiplatform program to perform a different task like word-process, presentations, data analysis, and task management. Another feature of the Microsoft office 2016 is a collaboration with the various devices like android platforms, apple as well. You can also use Skype integrations features that allow you to make secure video or audio calls or join online meetings etc.

Key features of the MS Office 2016

• Updated file sharing capability.
• Features enrich stunning user-interface.
• New and stunning themes.
• Easy and faster formatting of documents due to faster functionality.
• Support Windows 7, 8, 10.
• Advanced mathematical functions for more efficient computations.
• Easy judgments for grammar and spelling mistakes.

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