SQLite manager download for Mac OSX

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SQLite manager download for Mac OSX

SQLite manager download for Mac OSX is the ultimate software and masterpiece to help you to organize SQLite Databases and access superb visibility to organize your classes and tables. The amazing program, SQLite manager can be learned easily by both beginners and active users; because it integrates database management and maintenance into an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

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sqlite manager download

Moreover, the main window allows you to view all the connected databases and organize your own SQL scripts using the SQL builder tab. The left panel, containing various handy tools so that you may easily restructure fields, foreign keys, and manage all scripts without missing any segment. That ‘why, the main feature of the SQLite manager is to edit all entries at the same time effortlessly.

When you decided to launch a new database, you can click to file menu then choose the “open Database” button available at the main bar. Later, you can choose the file reference and the alias for the new database as well as some internal segments like page Size of encoding.

Furthermore, the specially designed tab can be used for the view, delete, add to for the modification of fields, foreign keys, indexes, constraints and triggers using right click menu. Additionally, new entries can also be added after choosing the main application on the bottom.

SQLite manager crack download

What’s more, the SQLite manager supports transactions with rollback and automatic commit so that you can correct recovery in case of system failure. SQLite manager is certain that your data will not be lost due to system failure. Lastly, there will also be an option to form the main menu to begin command in an SQL script.

Overall, SQLite manager is the handy tool for database administrators and professional database managers.

 SQLite manager features

  • Restructure tables, indexes, foreign keys, fields, unique and check constraints, triggers.
  • Online backup of the database.
  •  SQLite manager Includes ICU extensions.
  • Multiple SQL tabs.
  • Supports auto extensions.
  • Copy tables between database using drag and drop.
  •  SQLite manager Supports password protection.
  • Export data to Excel, JSON, and HTML, CSV, SQL scripts, SQLite database, and ADO data resources.

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